Meet the team!

Emily - Founder

Emily is a writer and blogger with a specific personal interest in disability and addiction.

She founded the Sober Book Club in 2021 after rekindling her love of books in early sobriety.

You can find her on Medium, where she shares personal stories and poetry, and on her podcast called Reasons To Be. She has also written for Stylist magazine, Ink Cypher, The Sober Library and writes regularly for Within Reach, a charity magazine that helps people with upper limb differences. Her instagram and twitter account is @emilytisshaw

Ashleigh - Co-Director

Ashleigh is from Ayrshire, Scotland and making moves into the quiet countryside. She has been sober since December 2020 and has since been navigating what it means to have the label ‘sober vegan’.

Ashleigh’s biggest passions are being in nature and outdoor activities – this presents itself in swimming in the sea almost every morning when the sun is rising. Early mornings are Ashleigh’s favourite time of day – when all you can hear are the birds talking to each other.

Ashleigh loves reading and often has several books on the go at once. But she is also on a journey with her dyslexia – what it means, how it has shaped her and how she can make it work better for her in today’s world.

Ashleigh doesn’t have social media anymore but loves to connect with new people. If you have any questions for her or any advice, then email her at

Sunshine - Co-Director / Social Media Manager

Sunshine travels around the USA with her husband and young daughter in an RV. They are on a mission to see all 50 states and plan to have it completed by the end of 2023.

She hosts sober Yoga events around the states and teaches Yoga over zoom. Check her out on Instagram @soberonthemat.

Sunshine has been off the sauce since November 2021 and is so in love with her sober life that she will never drink again. Sobriety has added so much clarity and zest to her adventurous life. Waking up hangover free and fresh is priceless.

She is passionate about mental health and family stability. Sunshine hopes to be an example of sober mommy culture; we don’t need wine to deal with our kids.

If you would like to chat, her inbox is always open.


Ellouise is from Essex, UK 🇬🇧. She is a self proclaimed retired party girl and now full time sober sister! She is also a dog mumma and human mumma to be; in her spare time she creates sober, mental health and makeup content which you can find on her YouTube channel Ellouise Champion. She is an avid reader and is currently challenging herself to read 30 books this year.

Ellouise is so excited to be a part of the sober book club team and chat to you all🤰🏼♥️

Our Purpose

To connect sober and sober curious people from all over the world.

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