5 Steps to deal with alcohol temptation

You’ve taken the steps to go take a break from alcohol. You’ve got the support of family and friends, but how do you deal with temptations that will inevitably come your way?

1. Have an exit plan.

If you’re going to an event with friends, and you think you might get tempted to have a drink, then have an exit plan in your head. If you feel comfortable doing so, tell the host beforehand that you will come for a couple of hours but then you will need to leave at a certain time. Take your car so you can leave when you want, or arrange a taxi or a lift so you definitely leave when you said you would. It also helps to have something fun planned for the next day that you don’t want to miss and wouldn’t be able to do with a hangover.

2. Bring an ally.

If you really feel that you might get tempted to have an alcoholic drink when you’re heading out, bring a friend with you or someone from your support network, tell them your concerns and in turn, they will keep you accountable and encourage you to turn down a drink. If you can’t bring someone with you then have someone on call. This could be a friend or a family member that you can call or text for moral support if you get uncomfortable.

3. Try non-alcoholic options instead.

Alcohol-free drinks are a good option for individuals transitioning away from alcohol. I’m proud of my sobriety but still, no one likes feeling like the odd one out in a group. Plus, when tap water and Diet Coke are the only non-alcoholic beverages it’s nice to have more options. For any people in recovery who don’t want the taste of beer because it might be a trigger, try kombucha or a soda and lime.

4. Practice saying no.

As you start to attend more outings or branch out more with sobriety, you’ll need to learn how to say ‘no’ when you’re direct and assertive, people won’t question your decision. Practice in the mirror and then with your loved ones. Family and friends may be aware, but strangers will most likely be unaware and may even offer you a drink so at least this way, you will be ready with your response.

5. Celebrate the positives!

Focus on those things that you “get back” and all the new endless possibilities that will come your way now you are not spending your weekends with a hangover.


Sarah has been sober for over 2 years and lives in Hastings, UK with her husband Jake and their two cats Ben and Jerry. She is also vegan and deeply passionate about animal welfare.

Sarah loves early mornings and will often be up from 5am watching the sun come up, it’s safe to say that sobriety has unlocked the early bird in her!

Since going sober she has been focusing on self-care, taking control of her mental health and setting healthy boundaries, this has resulted in Sarah finding new joy in things such as meditation, yoga, journalling, reading and long hot baths.

Sarah is a keen exerciser and loves to move her body whether that’s going on a long run, dancing round the living room like no one’s watching, or lifting some weights, exercise keeps her sane.

She wants to show everyone that giving up alcohol doesn’t mean you’re missing out on anything, if you want to know more about Sarah check out her webpage: https://linktr.ee/sobersare_

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